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20th Anniversary Celebration Of Tianfeng Roll Forming
 On March 22,2022, The 20th anniversary celebration ceremony was held in the TIANFON factory that was full of cheerful chatting and laughing ,After 7:30, following the company's leaders, the employees successively walked through the red arch, stepped on the red carpet, and entered the factory happily, which reminds us of a verse from LiBai "Today we laugh up and go out, swear to get the higher achievement ." Everyone passed the red carpet with a confident smile on face. All the employees gathered at the memento area and gave their deep best wishes for TianFon. 

 At 11 o'clock, as Birthday Song swelled through our factory, the cake cutting ceremony began. Cake means harvest and joy. Mrs.Yang Hongxia, Secretary of the Party committee of the TIANFON group has expressed her congratulations on TianFon's 20th birthday, then cut the cake with the company leaders and shared this sweet joy with the employees. Looking back on the 20-year journey, we experienced hardships but we have gained harvest and achievement. This ceremony means a great new starting point for us, we should flick the pages of our history and look forward to the future.