The Elevator guide rail roll former
Equipment overview:
The Elevator guiderailrollformerincludesdecoiler,feedingdevice,mainrollformingmachine,sawcutting,automaticstackerandPLCcontrolsystem.
Thelinespeedisabout12m/min Flowchart Coilloading----hydraulicdecoiling----levelingandfeeding----rollforming----cutting----runout 1.Mainparameter (1)FeedingWidth:...
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Product Description

The Elevator guide rail roll former includes decoiler, feeding device, main roll forming machine, saw cutting, automatic stacker and PLC control system.
The line speed is about 12 m/min
Flow chart
Coil loading ---- hydraulic decoiling ---- leveling and feeding ---- roll forming ---- cutting ---- run out

The Elevator guide rail roll former

1. Main parameter
(1) Feeding Width: 66/53 mm (maximum)
(2) Rolling Thickness: 3.0mm
(3) Rolling Materials: cold rolled steel coils(Q235)
(4) Number of Rollers: about 9 sets of rollers
(5) Material of roller: Gcr15
(6) Rolling speed: about 16 m/min
(7) Inner diameter of coil: Φ80mm ±20mm
(8) Weight of coil: ≤3 T
9) Voltage: 380V/50HZ
2. Main parts
(1) Manual Decoiler: 1 set
(2) Guiding Device: 1 set
(3) Roll Forming M/C: 1 set
(4) Saw Cutting: 1 set
(5) PLC Control System: 1 set
(6) Run-out Table: 1 set
(7) Safety Barrier : 1 set

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